Junghee Won

Pilates Instructor

Originally from Seoul, Korea, Junghee Won is the owner and founder of PILATES PRINCIPLES LLC and the Comprehensive Teacher Training Program, PILATES PRINCIPLES by Junghee Won. Junghee has an extensive background as a professional dancer – Ballet, Modern, Jazz and Korean Traditional Dance. She performed in the Opening Ceremonies of the 1986 Asian Games and the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul Korea. In 1990, Junghee graduated with a B.A. in Dance Education at Kyung-Hee University, Seoul, Korea.

Her Pilates journey commenced in 1993 when she was pursuing a Master degree in Dance and Dance Education at New York University (NYU). In her first semester at NYU she met Wei Tai Hom, who introduced her to the Pilates method. In the mid 1980’s Wei Tai and Romana Kryzanowska – the protégé of Joseph Pilates – created the first Pilates teacher training program at The Pilates Studio in New York City. Junghee completed her M.A. in Dance/Dance Education at New York University NYC in 1995. After taking many lessons, Junghee commenced a formal Pilates teacher training program at the Drago’s Gym. Her apprentice supervision was the Master teacher Romana Kryzanowska. Junghee was certified by Romana in 1999. Junghee considers Romana to be her most important Pilates mentor and guide. After completing her certification, Junghee worked at David Barton Gym/Upper East Side and The NY Pilates Studio® NYC.

In 2001, Junghee was asked to be a lead demonstrator for Dr. Peter Fiasca’s

Classical Pilates Technique DVD series- MAT and Reformer. She also wrote an essay – “Pilates Technique and Body Awareness” in a Dr Fiasca’s book “VOICE of Classical Pilates” published in 2013.

Junghee returned to Seoul in 2002 and co-founded Korea’s first Pilates studios, Pilates Korea and Classic Pilates, which was an affiliate of Power Pilates Teacher Training Program. From 2002-2005, Junghee was the South Korean director and lead teacher trainer for the Power Pilates Teacher Training program. Junghee was recognized at as a classical Pilates expert in Korea and worked at universities and dance academy associations. She was on numerous TV shows and featured in magazines and newspapers. She was also featured in the Pilates video with actress Sun-Mi Song filmed in Singapore and for a TV show – Dong Ah channel in Korea.

In addition to her Pilates career, Junghee also pursued her academic career culminating in the award of Ph. D. in Performing Arts at Kyung-Hee University Seoul Korea in 2005. All research was published as Junghee Kallander.

Her published research papers include;

  • “The Effect of The Pilates Method on Dancers’ Cognitive Style and Body Awareness” which is her Ph. D. theses,
  • “A Qualitative Approach to the Effects of Pilates Exercise” in The Korean Journal of Physical Education 2004,
  • “An Inquiry of Philosophy & Principles of The Pilates Method” in The Korean Journal of Dance Research 2004
  • “The Effects of Pilates Exercise on Physical & Psychological State Change” in Official Journal of the Korean Society of Dance Science 2004.

In 2006, she returned to New York City and continued to work as a teacher trainer for Power Pilates Chelsea and at their Equinox Fitness studio at Columbus Circle then moved to San Diego in 2008. She taught Pilates in numerous Pilates studios, physical therapy practices and fitness clubs in San Diego until 2011 when she returned to the east coast and New Jersey. She commenced teaching at Tilton Fitness (Formal name: CAN DO Fitness) and at The NY Pilates Studio® in Manhattan. She was chosen to work with the elite performers on the Broadway production of Cirque du Soleil – Paramour until the show closed. Her skills as a Teacher Trainer remained highly regarded and The NY Pilates Studio® Teacher Training Program requested Junghee to be a Teacher of Teachers. Students from Seoul Korea, Scotland United Kingdom, Merida Mexico and New York City benefited greatly from her skills and guidance until 2017.

Since 2012, Junghee has also been providing popular expert classes and lectures for “Pilatesology” which provides classical Pilates online video content

in both Korean and English. She also has provided content for “Pilates Anytime” with many different topics for Pilates teachers and practitioners.

Junghee remains teaching at Tilton Fitness in Edgewater NJ where clients, apprentices, students, and teachers of Pilates from around world come for lessons. Junghee is recognized as a world leading classical Pilates expert and is often traveling around the world delivering workshops as leading presenter at conferences. The comprehensive Teacher Training Program, PILATES PRINCIPLES by Junghee Won is currently taught in Seoul South Korea.

Visit her website to find out more about Junghee. www.jungheewon.com


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