AIA’s March 16th Deadline Approaches «. With AIA’s first-t0-file provisions going into effect on March 16th, PTO expects a flood of new patent applications.

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Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) – Fast Track Examination of Applications.

The PTO describes: “Under the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH), an applicant receiving a ruling from the Office of First Filing (OFF) that at least one claim in an application filed in the OFF is patentable may request that the Office of Second Filing (OSF) fast track the examination of corresponding claims in corresponding applications filed in the OSF. PPH will leverage fast-track examination procedures already available in the OSF to allow applicants in the OSF to obtain corresponding patents faster and more efficiently.”

PTO announced the addition of Taiwan to the  PPH program this  week. Here’s the link to the PTO PPH website.

Director’s Forum: David Kappos’ Public Blog. A blog worth following – this particular entry is from June, discussing the USPTO-CAFC IP adjudication program with Renmin University of China, The China Law Society, the Bar and others.

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