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On May 20, 2013, 20 “experts”were invited to the White House Lab-to-Market Inter-Agency Summit in Washington, D.C., organized by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and the National Institutes of Health’s Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. The goal was to have national experts outside of the federal agency system recommend ways to increase the return-on-investment for the $140 billion expenditures on federally-funded research and development. Tom Kalil, Deputy Director for Technology and Innovation, OSTP and Todd Park U.S. Chief Technology Officer, challenged panelists to offer inspirational and transformational, not incremental, ideas.

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America the Innovative? –… not so rhetorically asks “if East Asian culture is not a serious hindrance to technological creativity — and presumably neither Intel nor Applied Materials think it is — why are East Asian scientists and engineers generally typecast as underachievers? Part of the explanation is that there are different kinds of technological creativity. Fundamental breakthroughs generate headlines and win Nobel Prizes, but as Ralph Gomory pointed out, it is the more mundane task of turning breakthroughs into affordable products that matters economically. East Asian corporations tend to focus on this second task, and though the details of their “continuous improvement” in production technology are rarely noted in the press, their success has been a driver of the region’s spectacular enrichment in the last 60 years.”

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