Defensive Patent Pools: There are Surprisingly Few Options | | Patents & Patent Law. Although Colleen Chien’s study shows that 62% of this year’s patent law suits were initiated by NPEs, there are NPEs that can help – the defensive patent pools. Although only a few companies in this business, they are worth knowing about.

Patent trolls now behind most patent infringement lawsuits | Internet & Media – CNET News. The US Federal Trade Commission has been examining the impact of patent litigation on risks to competition, innovation and consumers. Colleen Chien, law professor at Santa Clara University (and speaker at CERC’s 2nd IP Workshop at Stanford on Feb. 26-27), presented to the FTC a study showing that 62% of all patent suits filed this year before Dec 1 were brought by non-practicing entities (NPEs, or patent assertion enties (PAEs), as she describes them), with more than 20% of the suits being aimed at startups.