Joseph Sternberg: A Watershed for Chinese Patent Theft – Opinion piece describing some of the issues at stake in a patent infringement case filed against Sinopec by chemical company Ineos. The two companies are in a joint-venture. Ineos claims that Sinopec is building unauthorized factories based on Ineos technology, and that one such plant has been in operation almost a year. Sternberg observes that this is the first case where a foreign company has sued a Chinese SOE in Chinese court over an intellectual property dispute. It will be a case to be watched.

Supreme People’s Court Attempting to Reinvigorate China IP Enforcement : China Law Vision. Anjie Law’s He Jing (and member of the CERC IP Experts Group) summarizes the key points of the  press conference held by the Supreme People’s Court in Beijing in October 2013. In the press conference, the court highlighted key cases decided by different courts in cities across China. The cases involved the granting of preliminary injunctive relief, a reduced burden of proof for IP owners, an increase in the level of compensation in civil cases and increased criminal penalties.

CREATe Leading Practices Pilot Update – Asia Insights | Interesting research on the maturity of IP protection in Asia. The report looks at how companies consider and protect IP, rather than strictly looking at law and governmental aspects of IP protection. Valuable insights.

New Rules on Service Invention Patent Protection in China | Bridge IP Law Commentary.

China and “technology transfer.” In a recent meeting in Beijing the question came up between the U.S. participants and the Chinese participants – what do you mean when you say “technology transfer?” “Are we using the term to mean the same thing?” A fair question, and discussed in this article.

Chinese firms put intellectual property lawsuits to work – The Washington Post.