Protect Your Trade Secrets | New Report: Trade Secret Theft joins PwC for the release of a new report: Economic Impact of Trade Secret Theft: A framework for companies to safeguard trade secrets and mitigate potential threats.

The report features essential information for companies concerned about trade secret theft:

An estimate of trade secret theft
A threat assessment on key actors targeting trade secrets
A five-step framework for companies to assess their trade secrets
Future scenarios of drivers making trade secrets more or less secure is offering a free IP Model Policy as “companies across China are seeking certification for IP Management after the March 1st 2013 launch of the Norms for Enterprise Intellectual Property Management.”

The voluntary national standard (numbered GB/T 29490-2013) is part of the Promotion Plan for the Implementation of the National IP Strategy in 2013.

The standard represents the government’s moves towards providing a national framework to help domestic companies improve their ability to better create, manage, protect and market IP.