Good, Bad & Ugly: Truth About Provisional Patent Applications – | Patents & Patent Law. Often informative, Gene Quinn offers good information about the drafting and value of provisional patent applications.

We have added two new categories of information in the right column of links that should be most useful for researchers and other non-IP lawyers interested in patents and patent search.

The first is a collection of links to Nolo Press online resources and books. Nolo Press is a publisher, widely known in the US as one of the best legal resources for legal matters for the non-lawyer. Their books and online materials (including online PTO forms) will help you understand the patent process and what you need to do – step-by-step – as an inventor or researcher involved with potentially patentable IP.

Second, we are providing links to a number of search tools, databases and services that will enable prior art searches and patent landscape mapping. Some of these services are subscription or fee-based. The commercial services listed here are examples of the types of services that are available. This list does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement of these services.

We hope these resources are of interest and value and I encourage you to let us know what you think.

The challenge of China as a science and technology superpower | Adam Segal | Science |

Hacking The Adobe Breach — Dark Reading. Last week, Adobe revealed that there was a massive attack on their systems that gave the perpetrators access to payment card information for 2.9 million Adobe customers and the source code for Adobe Acrobat, ColdFusion, ColdFusion Builder and other Adobe software. Since so many (all?) of us use Adobe products, I thought this article describing the breach and risks would be of interest.