GM opens China research center to focus on new energy | Reuters.

The Beginning of the End for the Smart Phone Patent Wars? | | Patents & Patent Law. We’ll see if this headline holds up, but it’s nice to read. And the article is instructive. These ‘wars’ occur – patents are a tool in competitive strategies, for better or for worse. Just ask T. A. Edison. Whether they are worth it or not, the author suggests we should ask Polaroid.

What Receives Protection as a Trade Secret in China? | Bridge IP Law Commentary.

What the Data Says About Trade Secret Litigation in China « China IPR – Intellectual Property Developments in China.

Director’s Forum: David Kappos’ Public Blog. A blog worth following – this particular entry is from June, discussing the USPTO-CAFC IP adjudication program with Renmin University of China, The China Law Society, the Bar and others.

China and “technology transfer.” In a recent meeting in Beijing the question came up between the U.S. participants and the Chinese participants – what do you mean when you say “technology transfer?” “Are we using the term to mean the same thing?” A fair question, and discussed in this article.

Fuel Cells and Bayh-Dole: The Pursuit of a Hydrogen Energy | | Patents & Patent Law. Interesting example of a commercialization of academic research in energy thanks to Bayh-Dole.

Kappos, Prost, Armitage and Dickinson Discuss AIA at AIPLA | | Patents & Patent Law.